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A lot of planning has occurred this summer to ensure that our school year begins great and the enthusiasm carries us throughout the school year. As we continue to prepare for opening day, please continue to view the school’s website and read any literature provided by the district and school for all updates.  As always, I encourage families to set goals with your student’s teacher for this year that will positively impact his/her academic and social growth.

New this year is our inaugural Citywide Advanced Learning Program beginning in Grade 6. Students had to submit an application through the district middle school choice program to gain entrance.  Additionally, the district revamped the testing platform to now include i-Ready, K-12 Diagnostic & K-8 Instruction Reading and Mathematics program, and our middle grade students will be using College Board’s Spring Board English Language Arts as the curriculum.  There is much more to share with you and we look forward to doing that at our upcoming parent and back to school night.

I am a firm believer that together our students, staff, and school community will soar above expectations and continue to build upon the Cross Country’s Eagle legacy.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you back on August 31, 2015. 

REMEMBER: One School...One Sound: Together We Succeed!

Curtis Durham, Principal
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We hope that you will visit and/or take time to view our website to find out the exciting things happening at our school. We are a school "family" comprised of passionate teachers and a community of committed and involved parents and partners. This academic season we anticipate a repeat with similar or even more dramatic gains.
Welcome to Cross Country Elementary/Middle School (CCEMS) an EGATE school!

Please share our excitement as Cross Country Elementary/Middle continues to strive to be the premier K-8 in Baltimore City. Thank you for visiting our web page.

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Along with the Glen Association, Healthy Neighborhoods and C.H.A.I. Cross Country would like to thank all the parents for their great service and volunteer hours keeping the school in the best condition possible! 
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Curtis Durham


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Athletics Update
This year we are excited about the activities ahead. However, in order to participate in any sporting activities, our scholar athletes must have parent permission, as well as physicals completed by their physician. Please click the link to download and print the necessary form to be completed by your child's doctor. 
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CCEMS is an active STEM School. More on Maryland State Department of Education's position on S.T.E.M. Education click here.
CCEMS has also partnered with S.T.E.M. innovators, Project Lead the Way. (click here or logo above).
CCEMS is an outstanding school located in the Glen Neighborhood?  Healthy Neighborhoods home buying incentives are available for interested homebuyers looking to live in Glen. Home buying incentives include low-interest purchase loans, and home improvement loans for those already living within the Glen neighborhood. 


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