A Message from the Principal
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   On behalf of our school community I would like to welcome you to our school! We are a Pre-K through 8th grade elementary school. We are most proud of our diverse student population, including students from 12 different countries. Our students are happy to come to school every day and participate in our regular programming as well as the additional afterschool programs we are adding this year.  Through partnerships and the dedication of our staff, we are able to offer enrichment activities, such as a school band, chess club, green club, National Academic League (NAL), as well as soccer, track and basketball teams.   Our teachers and staff are exceptionally dedicated to developing our students into responsible, respectful and resourceful members of our community. We believe in student, parent and teacher voice and make decisions based on their input.  We are truly invested in the school community. Collaboratively we continue to reflect and evolve to meet the needs of all of our students in order to challenge all learners equitably and effectively. 

Danielle Cromartie

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