Dear Parent (s),


Welcome to Langston Hughes Elementary School.  If you are a new parent, we encourage you to volunteer at your child's school.  If you are a continuing parent, we thank you for sending your child to our school and encourage you to volunteer if you are not currently a school volunteer. Langston Hughes Elementary School established a solid educational foundation for all staff members and students to cultivate excellence by delivering rich and rigorous academic instruction.  Teachers, staff members, students, parents, families and the community are a united front.  Together, our main goal is to raise student achievement and attendance.  We foster an environment that is judgment free and mistakes are not ridiculed, but welcomed in the learning environment as a teachable moment.  We develop a professional learning community that fosters citizenship and high student achievement to produce college and career ready lifelong learners.  We encourage everyone’s involvement as all stakeholders play a key role in the education of our students.

Gloria E. Pulley, Principal