Dear Glenmount Family,

It is with great honor and humility that I introduce myself to you. My name is Benjamin Mosley, the proud principal of Glenmount Elementary/Middle School. I am excited to have the opportunity to lead such a great staff, community, and most important….our students! As the newly appointed principal of Glenmount Elementary/Middle School, I can tell you firsthand that our school’s commitment to excellence in and outside of the classroom will not be exceeded by any other school here in the Baltimore CitySchool System.

Our school leadership team has been working hard this summer to help continue the tradition of excellence here at Glenmount. Our goal is to continually improve our ability to meet the needs of our studentsand to increase the ability to communicate effectively with you, our parents. I am a firm believer that:

  1. CHILDREN are our business: THEY come first
  2. Parents are our partners
  3. Victory is in the classroom
  4.  Continuousimprovement in teaching, leadership, and accountability is the key to oursuccess
  5.  EVERY member of this communityshares the responsibility for the success of our school  

My primary responsibility as principal is to serve ourstudents and our community by doing what is best for our students. I lookforward to meeting as many of you as possible prior to the school year starting and to hear your ideas on how we will collaborate as a school family. Inclosing, I thank you in advance for your support, your efforts, and dedication to the students of Glenmount.