Frequently Asked Questions about the School Survey

What are the questions on the school survey about?
The survey contains questions about many aspects of the school environment, including administration, family involvement, physical environment and safety.

Why is the school survey important?
By filling out the school survey, students, parents and staff help district and school leaders understand what is working well and what needs improvement — and the more people who complete the survey, the more accurate the picture of a given school. This is important because district and school leaders use school survey results to inform decision making about things from academic programming to budget priorities.
Who takes the school survey?
Students in grades 3 to 12, parents/guardians of students in all grades and full-time, school-based staff take the school survey.
When is the school survey given?
In the 2014-15 school year, the school survey will be administered starting in January 2015.
How is the school survey administered?
In the 2014-15 school year, the school survey will be administered over an eight week period. 
  • For students: Surveys are administered during homeroom or first period on a date selected by the school. 
  • For parents/guardians: Surveys are available on paper or online. Paper surveys are sent home with all students; the link to the online survey is printed on the paper and shared in flyers, on Twitter, at school and district websites and through other means. If parents complete the form on paper, they have the option to return it to the school or by prepaid postal mail. 
  • For school-based staff: Surveys are only available online. All full-time, school-based staff members receive a unique link to the survey via their City Schools email accounts.
When are the results available?
For the 2013-14 school years, results were released in April 2014. Because the survey is being administered in January for the 2014-15 school year, results will likely be available in April. Parents are notified that results are available through the Family Menu, social media, school websites and the district website.
Where can I find the school survey results for my school and for the district as a whole?
The most recent available results from the school survey are available on the district website and on individual school websites. 
What do the results show?
School survey results show what students, parents and staff think about various aspects of their schools—from the learning climate to the physical environment. The results show a percentage of the respondents who strongly agree or agree with an item.
How are results from the school survey used?
The district provides the results of the school survey along with a summary of those results to each school. Schools then decide how to use them. For example, results about the availability of a school’s resources, physical environment, learning climate and safety can inform budget decisions about programs to fund. An example of how the data from the annual school survey is used at the district level is that it is considered in the renewal process for schools with outside operators.
If I have feedback about the survey items or the survey administration process, who should I contact?
The Achievement and Accountability Office is continually working to improve survey administration and ensure the usefulness of the school survey data. If you have feedback on the survey items, administration processes or uses of survey data, please contact us at

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