Office of Teacher Support and Development

Room 212
(443) 642-6688

The Office of Teacher Support and Development strives to transform school culture and the workforce through a research-based comprehensive teacher development and induction system that values proactive, long-term development, cycles of reflection and co-investigation with outstanding teachers, and classroom based learning that meets the changing needs of all teachers.

Cycle of Teacher Support and Development

Cycle of Development


Learn: Teachers learn new techniques and instructional strategies.
Implement: Participants implement new techniques and instructional strategies.
Reflect: Participants reflect on their new techniques and instructional strategies by considering outcomes and next steps.
Share: Staff present their work to peers and leaders.
Feedback: At all points of professional development, participants receive meaningful feedback from their facilitator.

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Click here to read City Schools' professional development guide, Supporting Professional Growth, Building Student Achievement: A Guide to Ensuring High-Quality Professional Development Opportunities.

If you are interested in creating a professional development opportunity for Achievement Unit (AU) approval please contact Casey Thomas. For more information about the various ways to earn AUs, please visit the BTU Pathways and Achievement Units page on CSI.