• Yorkwood Vision Statement

    Yorkwood Elementary School will foster a culture of care, collaboration, and accountability with our end goal of career and college readiness for all students, without remediation.  We will foster, in collaboration with our students, families, and community, an atmosphere of excellence, integrity, order, and effort.  We value education and hold everyone responsible for being a learner, teacher, and a leader. 

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  • A Culture of Caring, Collaboration, and Accountability!



    Dear Parents and Community Partners,


    I greet you with a spirit of collaboration and engagement.  I am proud to be a member of the Yorkwood Elementary School community, where everyone is a leader, a teacher, and a learner. Yorkwood Elementary School is an extraordinary place to learn and grow.  Our staff works diligently to challenge students, provide a safe and supportive learning environment, and engage all members of our school community.  Our curriculum is rigorous and challenging.  It is our belief that all students can learn if given the appropriate supports. We expect all of our students to read and think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and utilize technology.  These experiences will support them in being ready to compete in the 21st century workforce and foster preparedness for college and career readiness.  We are committed to working closely with our parents, community partners, and all other members of the school community.   It is our goal to equip students with the skills necessary to compete globally, and become self-sufficient, productive members of our society.


    In order to accomplish this great work, we need the support of every parent and family.  We have 416 students and expect all parents to be actively engaged in the schooling process.  We need your support in order for our instructional program to work effectively.  We expect parents to: foster opportunities for reading every night, require students to conduct themselves appropriately in school (Ready, Responsible, and Respectful), communicate with teachers, ensure students come to school prepared with their assignments and materials, support school activities, be responsive to academic, social, and behavioral recommendations and strategies made by our school teams, and engage in political processes to ensure our students receive the resources needed to increase student achievement.  We believe everyone is accountable for our students’ achievement.


    As we continue this work, if you have any questions, please see me and/or any member of the administrative team.  We will do our best to respond to your questions and concerns.  We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our families and community partners in a most respectful and supportive manner. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.


    Educationally yours,


    Tonya Redd

    Tonya Redd


    Yorkwood Elementary School #219



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