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August 24, 2015

Happy New Year Belmont Elementary School Family; 

It is with great enthusiasm that I share how excited I am to begin what I am certain will be a year of monumental growth for our school. The administrators and faculty have been working diligently to receive students and plan for a great school year ahead. Last year we started developing a collective school vision for what we value here and want our scholars to walk away with when they leave our school community. We are pleased to share our new mission and vision with all of our stakeholders.


Our mission is to provide excellence in education for every child by focusing on high quality instruction, promoting student attendance, cultivating a positive learning environment conducive to student learning that lead all of our scholars on the pathway to college, careers of their choosing, and productive citizenship that will leave a lasting impact on their communities and abroad.  


Every scholar will graduate from Belmont Elementary School with strong academic foundational skills; possessing the mind and habits of good character necessary to achieve in college, careers, and inherit communities of the global future.

Together, we will focus on making our vision and mission the core of our daily work with children, teachers and parents. You will notice a new found enthusiasm, as we are working hard to create a culture of college readiness for EVERY scholar. This is the year when we will build shared understandings about what this means and ways parents and teachers can work together to ensure that every BES scholar is college ready.
As you enter the school, you will notice that we have:
  • Developed structures that celebrate growth and achievement for adults and students;
  • Allocated resources to upgrade technology school-wide;
  • Created new opportunities for learning through enrichment, sports and health initiatives; and
  • Hired highly qualified faculty to further support our mission and vision of preparing students to be global leaders and learners. 

This year, you will hear us continue to buzz about our “Buckets” of work. The four areas that we will place our efforts are: Attendance, Achievement, School Culture and Family Involvement.

I am pleased to share that we made significant gains in Literacy with 14% increases in students reading on grade level. We decreased our number of chronic absenteeism by 8%. We also initiated school-wide practices to support PBIS that led to us receiving state recognition at the Bronze level for our efforts to improve attendance and climate. Our data still suggest that we need to remain focused on students Attendance, Math and Literacy achievement.  Students MUST receive “Bell to Bell” instruction, which means that students must be in school daily and remain for the entire school day. Research proves that students who attend school daily outperform their peers who are frequently tardy and/or absent. It also concludes that students who are frequently absent from school are more likely to drop out of school.

As demands and complexities of teaching children increase, it becomes more evident that we all need to work together to ensure that our scholars reach their fullest potential. I believe that all of us – the school and the community – must work together to ensure success for all our students. I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to empower the whole child, socially, emotionally, and academically. With that in mind, you are an important component of the
Belmont family. Parents, you are extremely important to helping us create and maintain a positive and safe school culture and climate. Please encourage USOAR behaviors by sending your scholar(s) to school every day, on time, in a uniform, and prepared for each day.  College readiness also requires us to teach our children to have excellent character, skills and behaviors. We are committed to excellence at Belmont and we want you to join us as we are determined to SOAR to great heights in and around our school.

Here’s to a great year!

Tiffany D. Etheridge, Principal

Ms. Etheridge, Principal


There will be a gradual entrance of all pre-kindergarten students. Some students will attend on Tuesday, September 1st only and some students will attend all day on Wednesday, September 2nd only. Your child will only be able to attend on the day that has been selected for his/her entrance day.  We will not be able to make any changes to the day that has been assigned to your child. All students will attend on Thursday, September 3rd and Friday, September 4th. Please make sure that your child attends school in the school uniform daily.


Your child __________________________________________________________will attend:


  ___Tuesday, September 1st                                   ___Wednesday, September 2nd   


Your child’s 2015-2016 assignment is:





Pre-Kindergarten Uniform:

Light Blue Collared Shirt  and Navy Blue Pants or Skirt