Principal Hill

Saeed Hill 
Northwestern High School  
"Home of the Wildcats" 
Greetings Northwestern Family,

I am pleased and humbled to introduce myself as your new principal for the 2014-2015 school year. I am very excited to join Northwestern High School’s team in their endeavors to prepare our scholars for college and career, while increasing HSA scores and students’ attendance, which are our two top priorities for this school year. It is my honor to work alongside a group of talented teachers who possess the same drive and determination to support students as I do. With that, I know that we will all work in unison to build a professional learning environment that promotes the success of our scholars and one another. We will focus on rigor, equity, and excellence through access and opportunities for all students to engage in critical thinking across content. 

My mission is to create a culture of highly effective instruction that will develop our scholars higher order thinking skills, gain recognition of their leadership abilities and produce life-long learners that will become global leaders in the 21stcentury. As the instructional leader, my responsibility is to remove obstacles and equip my staff with the necessary resources to provide the best and most rigorous program for our scholars. I seek to learn from each and every one I encounter in this mission as I also expand my capacity as a life-long learner. The value of service to the community is what drives me to work in collaboration with all stakeholders in order to provide quality service to students and their families. In addition, I believe in providing meaningful professional development training opportunities for staff that will increase our knowledge base so that we all can provide the very best for our students.

As principal, I have an open door policy for staff, students and parents in order to build a high level of trust and positive relationships. I seek to solicit input from all stakeholders to improve school climate, students’ performance, student’s attendance, and other areas recorded in the school improvement plan. 

In conclusion, I look forward to having a productive and inspiring school year in collaboration with you as we work to prepare our future global leaders for success while increasing our capacities as leaders.


Saeed Hill                       

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