• Welcome Bay Brook Elementary/ Middle Family,


    I have had the opportunity to meet parents, scholars, and staff. From these conversations, it is clear that we all have the students’ best interest in mind. We all want a safe and inviting learning environment where scholars can learn. We want scholars to grow both academically and socially. We want to find innovative ways to make a difference a child’s life. I am both excited and overjoyed to work with staff and community members that are so passionate about the mission:


    Our mission is to provide scholars with committed adults who provide rigorous instruction in a positive and caring school climate where scholars can achieve at high academic levels by developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to enhance character development that prepares them for college or the global community.


    I plan to accomplish our mission by engaging in the following:


    • Create active leadership teams that use data to make decisions.
    • Implement a PBIS system that recognizes and celebrates success.
    • Establish an Attendance Team that will work to promote daily attendance.
    • Set high expectations to ensure scholars who are receiving special education services receive a quality education.
    • Establish family/community engagement opportunities to build relationships.
    • Create partnerships with programs and organizations that can assist with accomplishing our mission.
    • Create a culture of celebration and recognition.


    The work of an educator and parent is tedious to say the least. However, every year we must reflect to determine ways we can change. How can we become a better parent, educator, coach, friend or colleague?  We have to determine if we are resistant to change or comfortable with the present. I challenge each of us to determine the changes we will make this year. This school year, some things will remain the same and some will change; however I ask that you embrace and promote these changes. Together, and only together can we make a difference.




    Monique B. Reese, principal

    “Where We Exceed Expecations”


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