From the Principal's Desk

March Updates

It is hard to believe that we are past the 100th day of school!  Spring Break is fast- approaching, and it is our goal for students to continue to improve both academically and socially. As we enter a busy season, I ask that you maintain the focus on reading nightly with your students, and to take as much care as possible to promote good attendance. Our school year is moving along quickly and we continue to work as hard as possible.

I’d like to give kudos to all the teachers, staff and committee chairs that have been working extremely hard to provide all of our students with an excellent educational experience. There are so many great things going on here at Bay Brook and you are encouraged to check out the great things happening here!

We are proud of our school and look forward to continued success as we work together to provide the best possible experiences and successes for students.

Our school motto is “We are SOARing on the Path to Excellence!” In keeping with this theme, we work to provide our students with opportunities to set goals and to strive for their personal best throughout the school year. We continue to thank our parents for your extensive support.

 It is a pleasure to serve the students of Bay Brook Elementary/ Middle School.


Chelsea Watson