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Dear Rognel Heights families and community members,


My name is Nakeisha Savage and I am both honored and excited to be joining The Radiant Rognel Heights Elementary Middle School as its principal.


The 2014-2015 school year is upon us and it is my pleasure and privilege to partner with you, the students,the staff and the Rognel Heights community to ensure that our students are challenged, supported and provided with the tools that will enable them to become successful, resilient leaders in this diverse and evolving global society.

As a new member to the Rognel Heights family, I pledge to work collaboratively with the staff, parents and community to support and assist in continuing to provide students with a quality education. We will achieve this by engaging students in innovative,challenging academic experiences that stimulate critical thinking, inquiry and creativity. I pledge to ensure that your child has daily opportunities to explore and learn. I pledge to value your child’s uniqueness, to offer your child love, care and understanding and to hold high expectations of ALL of our students.


As a strong believer in the proverb “it takes a village,” I encourage parents to continue to be active participants in your child’s educational journey. We are your partners in this journey andit is only as a TEAM that we can effectively prepare all students for secondary school, college and beyond.


Again, I look forward to meeting you all and I encourage you to continue to join us in our teaching,learning and planning because this journey is one that requires our combined efforts and support for our students.


Sincerely,                                                                                                                            Nakeisha Savage


Nakeisha Savage