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Dear Lyndhurst Families,

Happy New Year! Welcome back to another year at Lyndhurst. For those families that are joining us, we welcome you to our community of learners.

Last year, we began some very important work as we strengthened our school culture and recommitted ourselves to daily creating an environment where our students could learn and thrive. This year, we will continue that work as we strive to be a community of ‘exceptional learners’.  The dictionary has two definitions for the word exceptional. The first is unusual; not typical. This is our first goal with regards to the quality of education we will provide for each of our students. We will be using a variety of learning strategies that may be different from how things were taught before. This is designed to equip our students with the skill sets they need to meet the higher standards of the Common Core.


The second definition describes something or someone who is ‘unusually good’ or ‘outstanding’. As we work each day as members of the Lyndhurst community of learners, we will challenge ourselves to be exceptional. Through hard work and focus on our core values of being respectful, responsible, and safe we will move closer and closer to our goal.


I am excited about what I know will be the beginning of greater things for our students, families, staff, and community.





Dr. Sherelle Lowe