“Nothing is going to have as great an impact on the success of your life as your education”- Barack Obama. 



At Friendship Preparatory Academy at Calverton, our vision is to cultivate a learning environment where each student is a goal- oriented, critical thinker who is Focused On Cultivating his/her own Unparalleled Self- Mastery (F.O.C.U.S). Hello, I am Martia Cooper, the proud and honored principal of Friendship Preparatory Academy at Calverton. I have served at Calverton in previous years as Dean of Student Support Guidance and Mental Health, 8th grade Assistant Principal, and now as Principal. 



I am thrilled at the opportunity to be apart of an instructional leadership team who is dedicated to the F.O.C.U.S of FPAC . Our leadership team has planned a spirited culture emphasizing student achievement and mastery. Our Deans and administrators have the skill-set necessary in servicing the whole child to include academics, student health, community and family engagement, and STEM.



At Friendship Preparatory Academy at Calverton , we are focused on ensuring that all of our students are prepared and planned for.   We take very seriously the role and importance of the middle school program.   Our teachers, at FPAC, are skillful in their respective content areas and they utilize data to drive their instruction. Our dedicated staff lend themselves to hosting various extracurricular and incentive programming activities, such as PBIS, basketball, chess, robotics, cosmetology, and Lang Arts enrichment to name a few. We implore community and the families of our scholars to partner with us as we service the whole child and spread the word about the exciting strives we are making at Friendship Preparatory Academy at Calverton!  


Please join us in The FPAC FOCUS where we are “Focused on Cultivating Unparalleled Self- Mastery”




Martia Cooper

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