Greetings Students and Families of Edgecombe Circle!


As the summer months are quickly coming to an end, we hope that each student has had the opportunity to vacation with family, explore exciting adventures and participate in enriching activities. Many students have had the opportunity to attend summer programs to continue with instructional enhancement. No matter what the activity, we implore all parents and guardians to continue to push the importance of education in the daily experiences.


With that, students will return to the 2015-16SY on Monday, August 31, 2015 at 7:45am. This year, we have been reconfigured and will serve only students on grades PK through 5. We are excited about this new opportunity to focus on elementary instruction and continue our commitment to Educational Excellence.


As students enter the halls this year, they will notice the distinct difference between the three academies and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge as they seek to create success stories on their journey to being College & Career Ready.  We are ready for another great year knowing that "Perseverance in Education Makes Dreams a Reality".


Edgecombe Administration  


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