• Long-Term Leaves of Absence

    Click on bulleted items below to review the information and forms on the various types of long-term leaves that City Schools employees may be eligible for. Please read all information included under the leave in which you are inquiring about. This will give you a better understanding of the process and timelines necessary for each request. Please use one form of submission for your request and submit ALL documentation at the same time, multiple submissions slow down the leaves process and response time. Keep the OVERVIEWS for your own references. Always keep copies of your documentation as well as any confirmation of document submission. If you have any questions please contact Leaves Management at 410-396-8885.  

    Family medical leave act (FMLA)

    When applying for FMLA read process thoroughly and keep Overview for your own reference. Please make sure you submit the correct FMLA packet, there are 2 types, one for Employee’s own Serious Health Condition and one for Eligible Family Members Serious Health Condition. Submit required and requested documentation ALL at the same time and within timelines stated to avoid delay in processing and/or possible denial.

    Sick Leave of Absence / Non-FMLA Qualified

    This Sick Leave form is NOT INTENDED to be used for any leave that qualifies for or that is designated as  Family Medical Leave (FMLA). This form is intended for use to substantiate the need for use of SICK LEAVE due to employees own medical condition of greater than 5 days when FMLA has been exhausted or employee does not qualify for FMLA.

    • Non-FMLA Sick Leave 5 days or less are to be handled at your location (per locations policy and procedures).
    • Non-FMLA Sick Leave for eligible family Member are handle and your location (guidelines and limitations per union contract)
    • Sick Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA) Packet - Overview, Acknowledgement Form, Non-FMLA Health Care Provider Certification

    Unpaid Childcare Leave of Absence

    Unpaid Personal Leave of Absence

    Military Leave of Absence

    Sabbatical Leave of Absence

    Educational Leave of Absence