• The Banneker Blake Academy of Sciences and Arts (BBASA) commitment is to accept for enrollment all male students eligible to attend Baltimore City Public Schools in 6th - 8th grades and then to guarantee that graduations 8th graders will be prepared to enter a high achieving, rigorous college preparatory curriculum and post high school opportunities. BBASA recognizes the vast needs of the children of Baltimore City; i.e , upwards of 75% of Baltimore City students live in low-income families and more than 85% of students are minorities whose opportunites have been limited. BBASA will begin the first year of operation with the 6th grade and add a grade in each of the next two succeeding years. After raising additional funding from public and private sources, the goal is that the school will operate year round, will have an extended day ( 7 a.m - 6 p.m.) and will have an extended week (Monday - Saturday). High expectations, academic course of study, developed by the schools founders member, is modeled on a successful low-income minority K-8 population, where nearly 100% of the graduates attend the secondary school of their choice. BBASA will enroll approximately 100-120 students per grade and 20-25 students per class except in the core subject areas of reading, writing, and math which will have a second educator in the classroom as often as possible. The BBASA board will assume the fund raising responsibility to make these goals attainable. The curriculum and course of study will be STEM, (Science, technology, Engineering and Math) based with a full integration of the Arts. A primary focus during the first months (beginning in the summer of 2015) of studies will be spent in the immersion of new scholars in a culture of success, academic rigor and discipline. During this time, students will be assessed to determine current academic levels of strengths and weaknesses. Interventions will be employed, as appropriate with the intent to accelerate learning and proficiency, particularly for below grade level students in the first twelve months. Assessments are intended to be a continuous part of the process of education for the students, not a separate event. The academy's program will include competitive Robotics, Debate, and Chess teams.

    The school wrap around services will include a full time social worker; there will be a Mental Health Counselor as well as intervention services provided as needed to student families; full medical personnel in the health suite; free breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner; Field trips to in-state colleges and universities as well as Ivy League and Historically Black Institutions along the Atlantic Coast.
    The Academy will provide a viable alternative for parents to secure high academic rigor for their children in preparation for future academic success. The data shows the vast majority of Baltimore City Public School students are ill prepared to matriculate at high achieving, highly rigorous secondary schools. Specifically, the male student population reflects a particularly egregious scenario.