Welcome Back Barclay!

I would like to take this time to welcome back our students, parents and partners as we embark on another great year at Barclay! This year we will continue to move full STEAM ahead, by engaging our students in exciting STEM curriculum, while also providing high quality instruction in all academic areas. We know that we cannot reach our goals without the support of all of our community. Please join us as we launch our #ALLPAWSIN campaign this year. Last year, you got a glimpse of what can do when we work together to support our students and community. This year we will be expanding on that theme, in hopes to truly engage every parent, teacher, student and community member, to partner with us to help not only our students reach their fullest potential but also make the Barclay community the best place be. We are asking that every community organization and member show your support by asking how you can be #ALLPAWSIN for Barclay! There will be a variety of informational sessions held as we prepare to launch the campaign at our Back to School Cook Out. I am committed to ensuring that our students not only get the highest quality of education but also are be provided the tools they need to join the community ready to lead us into the future! Thank you for your continued support, because it truly takes us all!



Armanda Carr



Will you be #ALLPAWSIN? I am!!!! 

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