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Important Upcoming Dates at Waverly!
Community Budget Forum for SY18 & School Family Council Meeting 
 February 21st 4:00-6:00 P.M.

Community Budget Forum II for SY18 & PTO Meeting

February 28th 5:30 P.M. -6:30 P.M.  
Community Budget Review for SY18 
*A new date will be provided soon for the Community Budget Review
 "Due to the additional updates in funding regarding the district's budget gap we will be shifting our review meeting to a new date. Once specifics are provided, we will communicate the new meeting date and all the updates we receive.  We thank-you for patience and gratitude for support and cooperation for continued collaborative decisions. 
  • Principal Fried

     Thank-you all!

    This has truly been a memorable start to what is going to be an amazing school year here at Waverly, and the credit goes to all of you!

    Through your ongoing support, contributions, and dedication to our children you have openly demonstrated that here at Waverly we are “One Team” and “One Family” and established a culture of Personalization, Collaboration, and Excellence.

    In a few short weeks we worked as a Team to develop and implement effective and efficient action plans and goals focused on improving, Climate & Safety, Academics, Operations, Partnerships, Communications, all which will contribute to a Culture of Excellence here at Waverly.

    Waverly is becoming a “Home Away from Home” for all students, staff, family and community.  A place where the climate provides personalized learning for every student, built on strong student, staff, family, and community partnerships.  

    I am truly excited for what this year will bring. I thank you again for all you do, every day – both inside and outside the school walls.  We appreciate you, and we look forward to celebrating our successes together! 


    Jonathan D. Fried, M.Ed, MAT

    Interim Principal




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