• July, 2018
    From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck - Welcome Back!

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    July 27, 2018

    Dear Hampstead Hill Family, 

    Thank you for choosing to send your child to Hampstead Hill Academy (HHA)!  We are proud to begin the 21st year of partnership with our charter operator, the Baltimore Curriculum Project (BCP).  The staff of HHA and BCP welcomes you and your family to our great school.  We are excited to be a part of the BCP network of neighborhood schools, which includes City Springs Elem/Middle, Frederick Elementary, Govans Elementary and Wolfe Street Academy. 

    HHA is a safe, nurturing, diverse, family-friendly neighborhood school with rigorous, effective academic programs and exciting, engaging, extracurricular activities. We believe all parents want the same thing for their children: more and better opportunities for college and career. We believe in the importance of the arts, and we want our students to be great communicators, listeners and writers. Our students will be leaders who are productive, persistent, responsible, caring, and healthy members of the greater community. 

    I want to congratulate HHA staff and students on the most recent PARCC state assessment results.  I could not be more proud of our collective effort to improve student achievement.  The official PARCC data remains embargoed.  However, a preliminary look reveals outstanding results that will far outpace City Schools’ averages and compete with schools around the state.  Remember, this assessment is based on very rigorous Common Core standards.  Now for some highlights - 52% of 3-8 graders passed the reading test - up 3% from last year.  There was especially outstanding growth in 5th, 6th and 8th grades.  Special acknowledgement is given to 5th and 7th grade where performance held steady at very high pass rates above 60% for a second year in a row.  67% of 5th grade students passed PARCC reading and an incredible 26% of 7th graders earned the highest score of five!  Overall, elementary grades held steady at roughly the same high achievement rate as last year while middle grades gained seven percentage points in reading.

    In terms of math, 42% of HHA students passed PARCC, which represents an impressive 11% overall jump in scores.  5th and 6th grade math scores as well as our Algebra class showed terrific improvement.  6th graders showed the most grade level improvement.  5th graders were the top achievers with a 57% pass rate.  8th graders showed strong growth on the grade level test and an amazing 67% of students who took Algebra passed the rigorous Algebra I PARCC assessment.  Elementary grades posted a five percent increase over last year while middle grades gained an average of 16 percentage points in math in 2018. 

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    Matt Hornbeck, Principal


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