April 1, 2015 
From the Desk of Matt Hornbeck  

Questions and Answers Regarding the Double Parking Bill

An initial version of the Sun article got part of our story incorrect. We have not taken pictures of people who double park. We have taken pictures of the license plates of cars that are double-parked, idling in the middle of the road without a driver. We have not published any pictures of license plates in our newsletter. However, we have considered whether that might help the dangerous situation that occurs in the morning and afternoon when cars are double-parked. The Sun article has been corrected (click here to see the corrected copy).

Please see the attached bill passed by City Council on March 30, 2015. The Mayor has said she will sign it.

Councilman Kraft’s office responded quickly to the following questions by members of our school community:

What is double parking?
Double parking is stopping in a lane of traffic that is not a curb lane. If someone stops in a travel lane, then it will be considered a violation because he/she is impeding the free flow of traffic. The “stop, drop, and…roll” scenario where a parent briefly stops to let a child out has been posed many times. If the parent is in a travel lane, then technically this is a violation. However tickets will only be written when a police officer or parking enforcement agent is present and witnesses the offense. Any school, including HHA, may request targeted enforcement once this becomes law.

Will you be fined if you stop to let your child out and then continue on without leaving your car?
This will depend on whether or not you are pulled up to a curb lane. If you stop to let your child out in a travel lane, you can be fined.

If you double park and actually leave your car, will you be fined?

How can we enforce the drop-off/curb lane at school?
A drop-off zone should be used only as such. If there are people sitting in cars in a drop-off only zone, they could be ticketed. Enforcement is a necessary component of the law. With more police and parking enforcement present, the 3 minute/drop-off only lane should be able to be enforced.