Dunbar Family,

We are at a pivotal moment in our school’s history. We are on the cusp of making some critical decisions that will impact our Poet community but don’t despair. There are so many great things entering our ether that we can’t lose sight of the momentum of progress, achievement and realignment with our goals and values that taking place. The momentum we have should not be masked by our current set of circumstances. We must seize this momentum and build something sustainable for our community. Through our newest partnership with Coping Powers Project, we are expanding our reach for mentoring and support to capture and envelop more students and their families, as well as monitoring. Thanks to CPP our school has nearly every square inch under surveillance. The tides have receded and Poet Alumnus’ have been in constant communication with administration to the point of organizing and activating on behalf of the students’ needs and the school’s. The PAL Poets returned to the Special Olympics and medaled in every competition. Seniors’ college application rate is at an all-time high. The school store is under renovation with a spring reopening slated. Trophy cases, some donated others supplied by the Alumni Association, are on display with more to be installed. And the list just keeps growing. But prioritization is what’s necessary as we look onward to the final semester. Our seniors and their families are carefully charting the next step in the college decision process and what lie ahead after graduation. Juniors, will begin their college tours in the spring and discover what’s essential for them to make an informed college decision. Sophomores and Freshmen are facing another round of standardized testing that they must take and pass in order to meet the state mandates for graduation. Together as a community, we must identify, if not yet realized, and magnify the strengths of Dunbar and enterprise on that. That’s how we can truly capitalize on this momentum. We must remain committed to placing those things which are meaningful to us at the highest level of priority so we do not lose sight of why we are here, together, at this time. Just think: by contributing and preserving Dunbar’s legacy, you are in effect creating a legacy unto yourself. Prioritize Dunbar today with your time, talents or donations. We cannot take being here and having this space for granted. The work is left for each of us to do but the reward is that we don’t have to do it alone. Join me!
Poet Pride,
Tammy N. Mays, Principal
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