REACH! Recognized with Community
Partnership  Award from Early College
Partner - BCCC.


Dear Parents:

The school year is moving
 quickly,and finals and graduation
will be upon us before we know it. 
Spring break is here and I hope
that everyonehas a restful and
 enjoyable time. Students have
 been provided with Spring
 Break Packets, so make sure you
check on those and assist your
child as you can if needed. 

                I also want to address
three issues that my administrators
and I have to spend way too much
 time addressing on a daily bases. 

1.      Uniforms– REACH! Is a
uniform school and the
uniform is Black/Blue polo
 shirts andkhaki pants. 
No variations, no
camouflage pants, no
low cut tops.  Please assist us in
this area and make sure your
student is in uniform everyday! 
If new ones are needed,
please take this long break time
to acquire the needed uniform.

2.      ElectronicDevices - No type
 of electronic devices are
 authorized in school.  They
 are the major reason for
students not being
 successful academically
 and for the majority of
 classroom discipline
 issues as well.  If you
 need to contact your
 child during the school
 day call 443-642-2291. 
Far too many students
 are told to put their
phones away and their
 response is that they
are talking to their
parents.  They are
constantly texting in
class,accessing social
media networks like
and Facebook
and generally causing
 a huge disruption to
 learning.  Please make
 sure that students
abide by this rule to
 make sure that your
student can be
 successful in class. 

3.      In addition, one of the
other major causes of
conflict in the school is
the social media network,
especially over long breaks.
  Please make sure that you
monitor your child’s
 activities on the social
media networks for any
conflicts that might arise
 and carry over to school.       


If there are any questions, please
 call the school at the number
listed above.  Thank you and have
a great spring break.   




Michael Frederick,



Parents Guide to New Assessments
 in Maryland is a new resource from
National PTA, in conjunction with MSDE,
that is designed to help parents understand
the new standards and assessments.

The Guide includes an overview of the new
assessments, sample PARCC test items,
 information on what parents can expect, and
additional resources to help parents prepare
 and support their children. The Guide can
 be found at


Please listen for service learning opportunties
throughout the year in the morning announce-
ments. You can volunteer at your local
afterschool rec center, a library, a school,
a hospital, a food bank, your church--the
possibilities are endless! We have the
Real Food Farm that provides
opportunities right here on campus.

For more information or guidance,
please see Mrs. Askey in D-107


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